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Gladiator Lucy Sabo – Ichiban kuji – 360 view

Jan 31, 2015
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360 view
360 view – click and drag the mouse over the image to rotate.
360度ビュー – 画像の上でマウスをドラッグすると回転します。

Gladiator Lucy Sabo – Ichiban Kuji One Piece ~Chapter Colosseum~ – 360 view

Ichiban kuji One Piece ~Chapter Colosseum~ prize draw, H prize Card Stand Figure.
This Super Deformed cute version of Sabo disguised as the Mystery Man figure Gladiator Lucy during the Corrida Colosseum battle in the Dressrosa Arc.
The background card has the ‘Don!!!’ letters, giving the exciting feeling of the battle scene.
Size: Height 7cm

(Ichiban Kuji is a prize lottery draw for anime goods held every month by Banpresto. The lottery tickets can be purchased from convenient stores in Japan)

一番くじ ワンピース~コロシアム決戦編~ ルーシー(謎の男) H賞 カードスタンドフィギュア


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